And these celebrities experienced it first-hand. Check out their embarrassing experiences, which have scarred them for life!
9 Celebs Who Embarrassed Themselves In Public And Got Scarred Forever!

1. Fergie


During a Black Eyed Peas Show in 2005, Fergie, unfortunately, lost control over her bladder and peed in her pants, right in front of a crowd that stared at her in shock. Apparently, she hadn't gotten any time to use the bathroom before the show, which led to the disaster.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence trips and falls a lot - like, a LOT! She has managed to fall down at least once at every award ceremony. And yet, her little embarrassing moment at the 2013 Academy Awards takes the cake. She had won the Oscar for Best Actress, and while she was going on stage to collect her award, guess what happened. She fell!