Time for confession, we are individuals of the GIF. Simply put, we enjoy interacting utilizing GIFs. If a GIF can create the precise exact same message in secs, why send out a prolonged, belabored text utilizing real phrases. Various other people are also GIF people, it ends up. Here are the 10 GIFs that are funny to them.
10 GIFs That Just Don't Get Old No Matter How Many Times You Seen Them

1. How to correctly open a milk carton

How to correctly open a milk carton

One of the shortest, but one of the finest, GIFs we’ve ever seen. Trust us, you’re going to want to stick to the end – the payoff is fantastic!

2. Russian bucket man

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We’re not sure what’s going on in this GIF. We wouldn’t even understand where to begin if somebody asked us to guess. Honestly, we’re really confused.

3. Nelly the calm owl

Nelly the calm owl

There is a thing called setup and payoff in comedy. Literally, a payoff is anticipated when you set a situation. If the payoff comes in an unexpected manner, the situation will be humorous.

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