Kidney stones get lodged in the urinary system tract causing severe discomfort. Often you end up ignoring the unknown cautions that you are struggling with kidney stones. Some usual indicators of kidney stones include discomfort during micturition, queasiness, fever, discomfort in the reduced abdominal area, modifications in color of urine, frequent urination, peing in percentages and also poor scenting pee.
10 Symptoms You May Have Kidney Stones

1. Low calcium in the body!

Low calcium in the body!

While urinary organ stones are created of calcium, folks taking a low-calcium diet a lot of susceptible to urinary organ stones than those overwhelming a lot of calcium. It's as a result of calcium binds to chemicals referred to as oxalates thereby preventing them from getting into within the tract and forming stones.

2. Abdominal or Back Muscle Pain

Abdominal or Back Muscle Pain

Abdominal or back pain is one in every of the first signs of excretory organ stones. This pain may be severe and even interfere with the power to take a seat or walk properly. within the case of utmost pain, consult a doctor straight off.

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