Some tattoos can look really dated today (like the "tribal" tattoos that were in vogue back in the late 1990s), or when it comes to today's tattoos, they can have been covered-up so many times that they have shed their initial point.
10 Tattoo Covers Worse Than The Original Tattoos

1. 5 and still counting...

5 and still counting...

Below is a tattoo some individual wears on his right arm. The advantage that you can promptly tell about him is that he is an optimist-- no matter the amount of times like has actually failed him, he thoughtlessly jumps forward over and over again. Maybe girl.

2. No one likes Andy.

No one likes Andy.

Above is a connection cover-up tattoo, done on some girl's back. There was certainly a time when she loved Andy with her entire heart-- that's why she tattooed his name on her. Yet, that time passed, and the tattoo stayed-- till she added "Screw You" to it.

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