Let's talk about Dubai today. Dubai is one of the most sought after places,, located in the Persian Gulf, and could very quickly be described as travelers' favorite. However, specific things should not be performed in Dubai and also every future traveler should know them. Here's the compilation of such things.
12 Typical Things You Should Not Dare To Do In Dubai

1. Don't drink in public.

Don't drink in public. http://www.academicwino.com/2013/08/alcohol-preferences-behaviors-swiss-men.html/

When it comes to boozing in public places in Dubai, you are meant to follow and respect the guidelines; else you'll be in problem. However, international citizens consume alcohol at home if they have a license. Travelers can do it at qualified resorts, but can't overdo it. And don't ever before think of drink as well as drive, else the effects might be very severe.

2. Don't do drugs.

Don't do drugs. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/dXj6GMqzLwo/maxresdefault.jpg

Dubai has stringent rules towards drug possession, use, and selling of illegitimate and toxic materials. For that reason, say 'NO TO DRUGS' in Dubai. Some visitors have been kept behind the bars for carrying codeine-based painkillers in their kit.