A 34-year old Los-Angeles based illustrator graphic designer has flawlessly portrayed the hard yet independent life of such people.
24 Illustrations That Show Charm Of Living Alone

1. You could wonder around freely.

You could wonder around freely. https://www.yaoyaomavanas.com/#/new-page-1/

The flexibility you get while living alone is incomparable. It resembles you can wander around in the entire home wearing practically nothing as well as you'll still be comfortable.

2. Every corner is your happy place.

Every corner is your happy place. https://www.yaoyaomavanas.com/#/new-page-1/

You can go to nearly any corner of the room as well as start to feel clumsy. "It's understanding that you're on your own, and each decision you make is directly impacting how you move forward with your life," claims Yaoyao Ma Van As.

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