Today, graphic T-shirts are all the rage. They have become possibly the single most wide-spread garment of our century. The youth worldwide, appreciate painting their Tee shirts like a canvas in colors that are most appropriate to them. And still, there are millions of creative way to play with this simple clothing design.

( Please note: We do not declare the styles to be ours' and trying to resource their original designers, But couldn't reach to the most.).
26 Innovative T-Shirt Designs That Are Not For Everyone

1. Kawaii T-Shirt

Kawaii T-Shirt

Ever wondered exactly how it would really feel to be small? Well, this hand will always remind you that you are just a Kawaii chibi (cute doll) for it.

2. Maternal Skeleton T-shirt

Maternal Skeleton T-shirt

This graphic tee depicts the mother along with baby in her belly. The very best Halloween outfit, indeed.