So, just what will be the very best location to advertise a product or campaign, where the footfall is one of the most. Still, there are some places where a business should never ever try to put their ads. Because sometimes the tagline chosen by the company's marketers does not quite suit the surrounding. It's not that the one-liners stink or something like that but if peoples follow what's composed on them, then they literally might lose their life.
31 Awful, Silly And Worst Placed Ads You'll Ever See

1. No, don't get any closer.

No, don't get any closer.

True that, if there's a possibility that you're a follower of Jesus or mentally weak, then my dear friend, walk carefully from below on. As you go further browsing through the following advertisements you'll see some fantastic advertisements however the strange areas they were put up is what you should be looking forward to..

2. Epic Fail.

Epic Fail.

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