It appears to me that, when you end up being a parent, you go one of two ways

You either wish to wrap your 'lil baby in cotton wool and feed them only organic superfoods chewed first by your requiring husband or you let them roam free, eating cheeseburgers from homeless people's back.

Continue scrolling to check out some of the humorous remarks from the viral video clip of Rozlan executing a bungee jump feat with his little girl.
Dad Faces Backlash After Bungee Jumping With Toddler

1. Redha Rozlan was the 2014 champ of hit feat show, Fear Factor Malaysia

The thirty-year-old absolutely pushes his body to the limitation, and this is something that he seems to urge his kids to do, as well.

2. He's living life his method.

Rozlan doesn't appear to be the kind of guy that feels like he needs to act in a particular way now that he has children. I suggest, I can't see this man grabbing a brief-case and signing up with the slug of the 9 til 5.

3. Has she obtained a helmet?

A lot of the pictures that Rozlan messages on his Instagram make it look like though his young household has a terrific old time.

However, there are a couple of pictures that have people questioning how responsible he is as a papa.

I mean. a young child riding on the back of a bike ... in a spiderman cap?