Stars that have survived murder efforts range from rap artists embroiled in fatal beefs to celebrities who were in the incorrect location at the incorrect time to individuals with vicious stalkers. And while several celebs have really been killed, these are all tales that had delighted closings, as the victim either made it through an actual attempt on their life, or the planned effort never took place.
Famous Celebrities Who Survived Murder Attempts

1. George Harrison

George Harrison

On December 30, 1999, Liverpool native Michael Abram jumped the fencing at George Harrison's Oxfordshire estate, bring a large blade. He shattered a window and also made his method inside, only to be faced by Olivia as well as George Harrison themselves. Abram began shrieking at the ex-Beatle, that billed at him and also attempted to knock the blade out of his hand. Abram stabbed Harrison numerous times in the breast, then pursued Olivia, suffocating her with a lamp cord. Lastly, authorities arrived and also took Abram right into guardianship.

In court, he revealed that he thought the Beatles were witches, which he was on a goal from God to eliminate Harrison, whom he believed to be the Devil. He was found not guilty because insanity, and also devoted. Harrison would certainly pass away less than 2 years later of cancer.

2. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Getty Images

The opportunity of a murder story being hatched to take out pop star Justin Bieber was first reported in December 2012, as well as more details were released in February 2013. According to ABCNews, the whole thing was orchestrated by Dana Martin, a prisoner at the Southern New Mexico Reformatory. Martin was serving a 978-year sentence for murder and rape when he got in touch with previous partners to start intending.

Authorities had actually taped phone conversations in which Martin offered his affiliates directions that consisted of how to strangle Bieber with a headscarf, and the part of the plan that entailed castrating Bieber-- and his bodyguard-- with hedge clippers. Before they might obtain close to him, Martin's associates, Mark Staake and also Tanner Ruane, were apprehended after unintentionally crossing the border right into Canada.

According to CNN, both inevitably had strategies to eliminate 4 individuals, and they were in Vermont when they took a wrong turn that led them into a fight with United States Boundary Patrol. Staake was detained right away, and when Ruane was released he called Martin to tell him what was taking place. Even though they talked in code, the call was recorded and Ruane apprehended for conspiracy to commit both murder and aggravated battery.

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