Miley's had a whirlwind of a couple of weeks. Initially, fans were freaking out after photos of the celebrity looking worryingly slim arised, after that Miley was caught making out with Cody Simpson, after that she verified that he is, in fact, her sweetheart.
And currently, Miley has actually cranked up the drama just a notch by posting a selfie of the pair ... With her hand completely down his pants. I can't deal with this lady!
Miley Cyrus Grabs Cody Simpson’s Little Buddy in Instagram Post

1. Miley's had a rough couple of months.

 Pausing from the needs of being just one of one of the most successful artists of the minute, and all the hype over her and also Chris's marriage failure, Cyrus took some downtime with her household.

Together with her mommy, Miley vacationed with her older sister, Brandi, and also her pooch, Bean-- who likewise occasionally gets called "Burrito.".

2. Nonetheless, fans have still been worried.

I imply, from a few of the pictures, it seems as though Miley had a wonderful old time.

The celebrity got to see some outstanding sights, spend time with her family members, and even got to get a massage with her pooch.

The stuff that dreams are made of, right?

3. Alright ... so there were some even more "Climb up" referrals ...

When Liam and also Miley very first split, the vocalist seemed to carry her really old song "The Climb up" to assist her process the heartache.

Months on, individuals could have anticipated Miley to have begun to carry on. I suggest, she was even seeing Kaitlynn Carter for a while, right?

But, in pictures published in the last couple of days, Miley appears to be back listening to her old hit, suggesting her heart has actually not mended yet ...