Miley's had a whirlwind of a couple of weeks. Initially, fans were freaking out after photos of the celebrity looking worryingly slim arised, after that Miley was caught making out with Cody Simpson, after that she verified that he is, in fact, her sweetheart.
And currently, Miley has actually cranked up the drama just a notch by posting a selfie of the pair ... With her hand completely down his pants. I can't deal with this lady!
Miley Cyrus Grabs Cody Simpson’s Little Buddy in Instagram Post

4. This picture has actually caused one of the most dispute.

 After publishing a photo with her complete body in the structure, followers have actually revealed that they are stressed.

5. " Miley please ...".

If he was the just one claiming anything, I would certainly be lured to state that the worry was completely misguided. That being claimed, he is actually one of numerous fans to have actually articulated their fear.

6. A self-professed "Smiler" introduced that she was worried.

Commenting on exactly how skinny Miley has actually searched in her recent messages, a few of her young "Smilers" are worried that she's not eating.