A 91-year-old immigrant from Poland that resided in Detroit, Paul Monchnik was a World War II Military veteran and desired for living to be 100 years old.
91-year-old WWII veteran burned and died after teenager sets him on fire

Then days before Thanksgiving , George Stewart IV, a 17-year-old kid remaining at his grandpa's home next door, stood on the steps as well as informed the local information that he saw someone stealing Monchnik's van.

Firemens were contacted us to the home in the very early hrs of November 23 at 2:50 a.m. when home increased in flames. Stewart informed the information staff:

“And I just seen the person driving off with his car. Next thing you know, two minutes later, I walk in the house, and we smelled fire. I look outside, and I see a whole bunch of glass breaking,” he said.

As soon as inside the home, the firemans located the badly scorched body of Paul Monchnik laying near the front door. The retired TELEVISION technician was brutally defeated, stabbed, and after that lit. The medical inspector later discovered a one-fifth mug of fuel in his tummy but couldn't identify if the nonagenarian had actually been compelled to drink it while he lived. 80 percent of his body was covered in burns.

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