This is the heartwarming video a two-year-old young boy told his mom he loved her for the first time in sign language.
Moment deaf boy signs 'I love you' to his mother for the first time

PJ was born with Treacher Collins disorder, a congenital disease which can create deformities of the face structure, meaning PJ's ears were underdeveloped at birth, creating hearing loss.

The unbelievable video reveals PJ, who is sat in the front of the cart, indication 'I love you' to his mom in the middle of the supermarket.

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Crystal returns the indication to her son PJ and claims 'I like you' which he imitates back.

Already in his life, PJ has required 5 surgeries to assist him take a breath, however despite the setbacks, PJ has actually discovered to interact via sign language.

Although PJ can vocally speak up to 250 words, he connects best with sign language.

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