I cant say about you, however lip fillers give me the heebie-jeebies.

I think plastic surgery can be a resolution to feeling insecure. We've all heard stories regarding people that couldn't get out of their front door due to the method they looked and also just how a "easy treatment" transformed all that.

Continue scrolling to see Ivanova's surgically enhanced creases and learn more about the peculiar background of this pressing pattern ...
She Spends Thousands to Triple the Size of Her Lips to Be More ‘Fashionable’

This is Andrea Emilova Ivanova.

It is surprising to know that she don't always had this big lips, To misquote Lady Gaga, Emilova was not “born this way.”

She always imagined having huge lips.

Not everyone assumes that Andrea's lips look excellent ... shock, surprise ...

Yet the Bulgarian trainee has actually protected her treatments, claiming: "each of us must follow our heart as well as our objectives without being affected by various other's point of views."

Andrea isn't worried regarding just how much the procedures price.

Certainly forking out hundreds of bucks time and again on a lip enhancing practice is going to affect your bank equilibrium.

Andrea isn't fretted about that though. When inquired about just how much she has invested, she said "I really did not count the cash for these procedures, I do not understand specifically just how much loan have I spent on my lips."

"In difficult times, fashion is constantly shocking."

Italian fashion designer, Elsa Schiaparelli, notoriously claimed: "In tough times, style is constantly outrageous."

This quote comes to mind in the case of Andrea as well as her lips.

We do stay in turbulent times. Perhaps procedures like obtaining your lips to look as horrendous are this actually are a sign of the times.

When explaining why she got her lips done like this, she claimed: "In my nation the big lips are classy as well as there are many ladies with fillers in the lips as well."

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